Debut EP “Breakables”

cd-packAfter 3yrs of gigging hard, and gaining a loyal following amidst the dive venues of London, Sarah locked herself away to make the 1st Zara recordings. “Breakables” was recorded at Hackney Road Studios but is essentially a DIY production bursting with rawness and originality. Thanks to the amazing fans, the CD exceeded 150% of its target on Pledge Music. Remaining copies are now available exclusively at live gigs or you can Order a CD here. See menu top right for Zara band Gig Dates, photos, and  Sarah’s witty and informative blog. Or see Facebook for the latest gossip.


  1. Wow nice site great EP breakables some fantastic songs great band live now for the album? In the future?

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    • You listened to it already, I’m delighted. We are glad you enjoyed the show on Saturday. 😀


  2. Breakables for me just gets stronger and stronger every time I blast it..

    At first,, I was just locked on to
    ‘Like the English Sea’
    Not anymore.. I love all four songs.

    Absolutely one great ep!!!

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