Soundcheck by Alan Hawkins

My New Year’s Resolutions

1. Don’t Be A Slave To Technology

When your Mac dies and loses everything, it’s not the end of the World. When your phone dies, no-one has died. When your memory card gets corrupted and loses all your photos, it’s just bytes,  not real memories. When it happened to me recently I was  distraught. We are 1 step away from having devices implanted in our bodies for convenience. The next evolution of Man might be half-robot,  a ManMachine Era, one that can survive the wars and environmental damage we inflict. Apple want to imprison my songs and photos and make me pay for access. Step away from the matrix!


On my way to Numan’s Telekon  2016

2. Buy No Leather 

Nothing beats the feel of real leather – but this year I go faux.

3. Listen To Black Sabbath 

A band that passed me by! I keep catching snippets in cafes etc and asking “What is that you’re playing?”.

4. Don’t Mourn Dead Stars, Make New Ones

Back in the day, when music wasn’t pumped out of sausage factories, we had rock stars. They are all dying off now, all at once. For every gig I play, I go to see at least one other, the stars are out there, give them your light.

5. Beware The News

All News these days relies on clicks. The more clicks, the more ad revenue. Only the sensationalist stories make it through the quagmire. Don’t be fooled – there are no regulators checking that anything is “true”. If they can get people arguing, or sharing, or filling in a Petition then they have succeeded $$$$. I’ve blocked all News Sites. You cannot trust photographic or video evidence, it’s easily fabricated. I used to make TV for a living, so I know.

6. Don’t Be a Dick

  1.  Don’t fire off emails before coffee
  2.  Wait 12hrs before making any rants as could be PMT

7. Healing the Divide


Brexit night gig with drummervDave & Guitarist Richard. pic by Khusro

Brexit/Trump split my friends and family into 2 warring camps. We are going to be polarised more and more in the coming years, over topics we don’t even know about yet. I will strive to make people respect the views of others, and to see all sides of any debate. Peace and understanding; our future depends on them.

8. Watch For Signs

When my dumb Pisces brain doesn’t know which way to swim, there is usually some obvious “sign” or omen that comes along and guides me. An expert once told me that my spirit guides are unusually close to me. Who knows.

9. Create, Create, Create

Let it all out before it consumes me. Oh, and I must practise the guitar more, it’s never too late!

10. Get this bl**dy Website up! 

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