Music in Lockdown

What a strange time we find ourselves in. I really haven’t felt like making any music with all this death and disaster going on. Lost 3 hard-won gigs and 1 close family member. When music is your pleasure , and your escape, this is a demoralising time. Writing dark songs about death, doesn’t appeal for once, it’s a “be careful what you wish for” situation.

I admire the bedroom guitarists who have leapt to fill the void with solo videos. I really miss my various bandmates, for me music is all about human interaction – reacting and riding on the vibe of the audience, making a 2way connection. You can’t do that with solo videos.

However, week 7 of lockdown, after attending a Zoom course on setting goals, I convinced myself to at least get my guitar out. We have to push through our comfort zones, to reach our goals.

I know my self-pity is petty in the grand scheme of things, but people ask me ‘why don’t I do this, why don’t I do that’. My first thoughts were sorting out my dispersed family, and trying to hang onto my photography work that brings me income that music doesn’t. Like many, I have days when I am tearing my hair out over the government’s slow reaction, over people flouting social distancing, I have fear for the future. We’ve just got to make small steps towards this new future. My little video below is a baby step towards my life returning to some normality.

Hang on in there everyone x

I’m looping the chords for my song “Like The English Sea“ and playing a solo over the top.


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